11 Dec 2023

Our tips for a Sustainable Christmas

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We all want a peaceful Christmas. But let's be honest, despite our good intentions, it often turns into a celebration of consumerism. A lot is bought and unfortunately a lot is thrown away afterwards. To make the end of the year more conscious and sustainable, we have put together some ideas for you here for a mindful and sustainable Christmas.


Sustainable savouring

For many people, traditional meat dishes are as much a part of Christmas as presents, the Christmas tree and, of course, Father Christmas. We have put together a selection of delicious Christmas recipes for you to enjoy in a more sustainable way. To the recipes


Sustainable decoration

Pine cones, twigs, moss and berry bushes decorate our forests and gardens during the Christmas and Advent season. Why not decorate our homes with them too? This way, we can do without unnecessary plastic and take a cosy walk in the woods to collect beautiful natural materials and relax. An absolute win-win situation.


Sustainable giving

Every year before Christmas, the question arises: what do you give your loved ones? Our tip for sustainable gift-giving: donations to charitable organisations, gifts made from sustainable materials or time for shared experiences. You can find a list of our favourites here:

- Donations to charitable foundations 
- Shared experiences
- Vegan cooking course
- Our merch articles, shirts and hoodies
- Reusable drinking bottles and storage containers
- Sponsorships for animals
- Oilcloths for covering food
- Self-sewn cushion made from old T-shirts 
- Homemade bath balls or soaps


Sustainable packaging

And every year the creative wrapping paper chaos greets us - paper, glitter and tinsel everywhere. Lovingly and beautifully wrapped presents under the Christmas tree are an absolute must. Instead of having to buy new wrapping paper, you can opt for sustainable materials.
Beautiful parcels can be created using recycled wrapping paper, saved from last year, old paper, beautiful textile remnants, pretty jam jars or perhaps even reusable tin cans.


There are no limits to your imagination and there are many other ways to make the festive season more sustainable and fair. 

We wish you a wonderful festive season!

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