We are hungry for change

We are committed to change. Not just because we can, but because we must! With our values at heart, we always strive to have a real impact on our world.

Our values


We rely on open feedback. We are honest and transparent with everything that we do.

At Planted we communicate efficiently with a positive intention. We report proactively and give and ask for specific and actionable feedback.


We are all trustful and dedicated to bringing positive and high-quality
outcomes to our work and hold ourselves accountable for it.

At Planted we take initiatives, even if we’re not asked to do so, we plan our tasks efficiently to achieve personal and team goals, and we create a positive work environment by collaborating positively with all team members.


We do different and keep improving. We never lose sight of our big goal.

At Planted we’re ambitious and enthusiastic about achieving our goals. We strive for improvement and progress and are used to adapt quickly to changing environments.

The Planted Spirit
“I was motivated by the Planted mission and convinced by the unique culture.”

Planted is so much more than just a (very) delicious product - it’s an attitude. We empower our team members, enable them to make important decisions, to thrive and to unleash their full potential. We are convinced that our ambitious goals can only be achieved with a team effort.

What’s so special about Planted's spirit?

  • Mission

    We’re one passionate, dynamic, and highly intrinsically motivated team working together on our mission: making the world a better place. Bite by bite.

  • Teamwork beyond frontiers

    As a fast-growing company operating in different countries, our employees are working in different offices from time to time. This facilitates cross-country collaboration and boosts team spirit.

  • Impact

    You take responsibility from day 1. You own your tasks and project and enjoy seeing your daily work making a significant contribution. Furthermore, our short decision-making processes enable us to realise interesting projects quickly.

  • Feedback

    We consistently rely on transparent and direct feedback. We aim to improve ourselves continuously and grow as a team.

  • Development

    Speaking of improvement: With our rapid growth, many new exciting opportunities evolve. We welcome and support your personal initiative to take on new challenges.

  • Flexibility

    Working independently of time and place is the most natural thing for us. You distribute your working hours throughout the year according to the tasks at hand and your workload.

  • Team spirit

    Changing the world lets us expand and evolve - and it is fun! Our young, dynamic team ensures that fun is never neglected. We hold joint activities and team events, bringing the entire team together! And be assured: These events, followed by the most memorable parties, are the highlight for everyone! And of course, we can’t resist a solid

    weekly after-work. There's no better place to chat with the team over an after-work beer.

  • Diversity & equal opportunity

    We employ people, and what makes people so beautiful is that they perceive, think and behave differently. We are an equal opportunity workplace, and we never discriminate because of gender, age, race, nationality, sexual orientation or any other non-professional classification. We look for diverse perspectives, as we believe they enrich our corporate culture. Diversity is what makes working together so much fun and enriching. Diversity is key.

Additionally, we are a food(tech) company, and we want to celebrate every aspect of it!

Your monthly dose of Planted

You surely love our meats as much as we do. So look forward to your monthly 2kg of your favorite Planted products!

Culinary perks

We highly value delicious and healthy plant-based nutrition, so we don’t miss out on any situations to enjoy such delicacies: Whether it is a homemade meal by our Michelin star experienced in-house culinary team, in Planted partner restaurants, or in our in-house planted.bistro by Hiltl in Kemptthal. And we always make sure our office premises provide you with your daily dose of caffeine.

Can't wait to change the world with us?



If your skills match the profile we are looking for, we get to know each other in a call. In this call, we focus on your skills and cultural alignment


During following interviews, we do a deep dive into your hard and soft skills. Generally, we conduct two interviews. Depending on the position, one additional interview may follow to give you and us a complete picture.


Now it’s time for you to experience the Planted spirit on our office premises. Depending on the position of interest, you get to solve a case study & meet your future team over a coffee or shared meal.


Head of Science (80%)

I am super happy that Planted enables employees to have a leadership role in a part-time job. This way I can pursue my career and share parenting responsibilities equally with my partner.

Chief of Staff & Lead Analytics

At Planted, I have the opportunity to grow professionally and personally alongside the company’s growth. The confidence and support I have been given since day 1 enables me to think big and strive for more impact every day.

Lead Events (70%)

Having a fulfilling job has always been very important to me, 8-5 is not my thing and I love the challenge. Planted offers me the opportunity to take on a leading role in addition to my job as a mother. I am very grateful for that, even if it is a demanding dual-task.

Accountant (job-sharing 50%)

I am very grateful that Planted allows employees to have a perfect work-life-balance. Job sharing allows me to balance individual strengths with my colleague. With job sharing, I found the perfect match with my family and work.


  • What kind of people are you looking for?
    We are always looking for new talents who share the same values as we do. We especially appreciate it when you:
    • share our attitude towards growth
    • have a great and strong mindset
    • are adaptable
    • flourish under rapidly changing conditions
    • are tough and do not give up easily
    • You have energy and resilience and can work efficiently
    • set priorities
    • make and question decisions
    • are open-minded
    • like to receive feedback and can handle it
    • deal with mistakes and learn from them
    • show ownership and one-team spirit
    • you like to take responsibility
    • are willing to go the extra mile
    • are engaged
    • want to make a difference
    • love what you do every day
  • What can I look forward to at Planted?
    The Planted spirit is truly unique! Our team is full of motivated, dynamic heroes and heroines who strive for change. We challenge each other, lift each other up and most importantly we have a lot of fun while changing the food system for the better. We also provide a positive and healthy work environment with many initiatives that support your healthy lifestyle and make your foodie heart and soul happy.
  • How can I apply?
    We accept applications via our Career Platform. Unfortunately, we cannot consider applications via email or similar.
  • I would love to work for Planted, but I haven't found a suitable position. What can I do?
    We are happy to hear that you are interested in working for Planted. We are always looking for great talents to join our team. You can apply using the Open Application option. We will contact you when we have a vacancy that fits your profile.
  • I saw a job that awoke my interest, but I don't meet all the requirements, what should I do?
    At Planted, we strive to create an inclusive and diverse workplace. Therefore, we encourage you to apply for the job that excites you, even if your previous experience doesn't perfectly match every single requirement of the job description. Our top priority is to make sure you are a cultural fit, while skills are ultimately learnable.
  • How long does it take to find the right person?
    This depends on various factors. We do our best to find the right person as quickly as possible.
  • Can I apply for more than one position?
    Yes, of course! However, we advise you to carefully research which job best fits your profile and interests so that you can realise your full potential.
  • I have already applied once in the past. Can I apply for a position again?
    You sure can! A rejection for one position does not necessarily mean a rejection for every position. We will gladly review your application again if a more suitable position is advertised and you have applied for it.
  • I have applied but have not received any feedback yet. What can I do?
    It takes time to check the applications. We thank you for your patience! We will always keep you informed about your individual next steps in the recruitment process, and you will also hear from us if we have been able to fill the position. However, if you haven't heard anything for a fortnight, we advise you to contact the recruiter indicated in the job advertisement. She or he will be happy to help you.
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