No risk, full fun!

Gizzi Erskine

“Making and eating food
should be a complete experience, so the dishes I’ve created aim to transport people to new levels of tasty. Planted is perfect to use as the 5 ingredient products and insane protein levels means you really don’t compromise with meat free dishes and what’s more, it's a sustainable source of protein.”

Why Planted?
  • Taste without additives

    Planted consists exclusively of 100% natural ingredients. We do not use additives, flavor enhancers or flavors, but never taste! We have managed to create a unique flavor profile and texture that comes from natural ingredients and our technology, not additives. This makes every bite a treat for both our bodies and our palates.

  • Durability

    We protect the planet and preserve its resources.
    The production of natural planted.chicken emits 77% less CO2 and uses 85% less
    water than its animal equivalent.


  • Animal welfare

    No animals are used in the manufacture of our
    products: no mass breeding, no animal suffering, no antibiotics.

Where to find us

Whether it's directly ordered from our shop, in a restaurants, or in retail stores, there's always a way for you to get your Planted favorites.

How it works
You can benefit from the subscription from a shopping basket size of 5 or more products.
Save 20% with the Planted subscription
We reward you for your commitment with a discount on every delivery.
Small commitment, big impact
You can cancel your subscription at any time after a minimum term of 3 months.
Even more impact
Healthy for you and the planet. Without additives, 100% plant-based.