07 Mar 2022

Planted and Deutsche Bahn cooperate for vegan enjoyment all along the line

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Berlin/Kemptthal, 7 March 2022 - The Swiss foodtech start-up Planted and Deutsche Bahn (DB) are jointly setting the course for vegan enjoyment on journeys. Since 1 March 2022, rail passengers throughout Germany can look forward to two vegan dishes in on-board catering using products from Planted : a sweet chilli wrap and a teriyaki dish.

Free ride for joint mission to make the world a little better

"We bring delicious plant-based proteins with a perfect texture and fibre to the table and now also to the track - and all without additives. In this way, we want to revolutionise the way meat is perceived," says Planted co-founder Pascal Bieri. The ecological benefits of reducing animal meat consumption are obvious: for example, the production of planted.™chicken uses 74 percent less carbon dioxide (CO2e) and 46 percent less water than conventional chicken meat. From the beginning, the Swiss company has stood for taste, environmental protection as well as the reduction of animal suffering. The plant-based meat alternatives contain only natural ingredients (water, plant protein, plant oil, plant fibres), enriched with vitamin B12. In addition, the innovative manufacturing process of the vegan products works according to the principle of sustainable circular economy, which permeates all areas of the company and thus helps to particularly conserve the finite resources of our planet.

Climate and environmental protection is also extremely important for Deutsche Bahn, the world's leading mobility and logistics company. The commitment to the "green" cause is more than just an attitude. It is the future. DB wants to live up to its ecological and social responsibility by gradually greening its products, services and the way it works. "Travelling by train is active climate protection. However, many guests attach particular importance to sustainability not only when travelling, but also when eating. From March, they will be able to combine both with the new resource-saving offers in the on-board restaurant - environmentally friendly travel and dining," says Michael Peterson, CEO of DB Fernverkehr.

"We are totally thrilled that our planted.™chicken is now travelling all over Germany with Deutsche Bahn and can thus enrich the culinary experience of even more people. Along the way, an animal-based alternative is exchanged for a super tasty plant-based alternative - it can be that simple," says Pascal Bieri. And DB is also sure that the partnership with Planted will not only help make rail travel even more sustainable, but also make the world a little bit better. Deutsche Bahn will be climate-neutral by 2040.

Measures on track for more vegan enjoyment

The cooperation will be accompanied by both partners with various marketing measures. In addition to extensive communication to DB customers via mailings and newsletters from bahn.de, attention will also be drawn to the new offer by posters and on screens in the on-board restaurants. Furthermore, an influencer campaign including a raffle of rail tickets and on-board restaurant vouchers will be implemented at the launch.


For more information about the company, the products and photos, please contact press@eatplanted.com.

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