10 Oct 2023

Planted launches its Chicken Filet across retail and gastronomy

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Swiss food tech start-up Planted is once again setting standards on the protein shelf and revolutionizing the plant-based food market with its latest innovation: the planted.chicken Filet, a groundbreaking plant-based chicken Filet that rivals its animal equivalent in both protein content and taste. However, with 77 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions and 85 per cent less water consumption, the footprint is considerably smaller. After a long development and subsequent refinement by star chef Tim Raue, the planted.chicken Filet is now widely available in retail outlets in Switzerland exclusively at Coop, in Germany at REWE Nord and at gastronomy partners - including the renowned Grill restaurant of the Park Hotel Vitznau, the restaurant of Michelin star chef Damien Germanier in Sion or also at DAS MORGEN of the Neuro Campus Hotel. Also available for Italian restaurants, the Filet is featured on the menu of the prestigious Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Milan, bearing the signature of Michelin-starred Chef Antonio Guida.

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