02 Sep 2022

Planted develops the first vegetable chicken breast in one piece completely without additives

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Pioneering work: New proprietary technology makes it possible to produce larger pieces of meat. Only natural ingredients are used in the production of planted.chicken breast, furthermore Planted completely avoids the use of additives. The new Planted product was further refined for the catering industry through close collaboration with star chef Tim Raue .

The Swiss foodtech start-up Planted is revolutionizing the market with an unprecedented product: planted.chicken breast is the first large vegetable meat cut without additives that is in no way inferior to an animal chicken breast in terms of structure and taste and can be processed in exactly the same way.

Starting from 15 September star cook Tim Raue brings the vegetable chicken breast for the first time in its citizens of Berlin restaurant TIM RAUE on the plates. For the production of the new product Planted uses as usual only natural ingredients: Thus with the production of planted.chicken breast only water, proteins and fibers of the yellow pea, Rapsöl, salt and yeast are used. In this way, the company remains true to its principle of dispensing with additives - as well as the perfect bite that characterizes all protein-rich meat alternatives from Planted .

Unique results with new biostructuring approach

In addition to the proven professional extrusion process, Planted has now succeeded in combining protein structuring and biotechnology with a novel biostructuring approach. In this way, Planted is doing pioneering work in the food market. This is because this new proprietary technology makes it possible to produce larger pieces of meat with complex structure and texture, juiciness and tenderness, entirely without additives. More than 65 Planted employees on the scientific side as well as in product development make this breakthrough possible.

"Our planted.chicken breast is better than its animal counterpart because it convinces with a fibrous texture and high protein content with 74 percent less greenhouse gas emissions. We are therefore enormously pleased that our novelty is now being launched in the restaurant industry with a top chef like Tim Raue . The choice of how Planted can be integrated into menus is incredibly versatile - and that in particular is a lot of fun for us and holds many delicious possibilities," says Dr. Judith Wemmer, Executive Board Member and Head of Product Development at Planted.

A forward-looking product without compromise

The planted .chicken breast can be pan-fried for about a few minutes until golden brown, just like an animal chicken breast, and then processed further depending on the creativity of the cook. "I enjoy working with good products and the planted.chicken breast - like the other Planted products - meets this requirement without compromise. It can be processed ideally and additionally makes a decisive contribution to our climate - for a forward-looking cuisine, such products are indispensable," says star chef Tim Raue.

Availability of planted.chicken breast

Developed by Planted and further refined for the restaurant trade through close collaboration with Tim Raue , the planted .chicken breast will initially only be used in the restaurant trade following its launch in Tim Raue 's Michelin-starred restaurant. This will be followed next year by the expansion of the range for the retail trade.

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