26 Sep 2023

Planted obtains B Corp Certification

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Planted is proud to announce its official B Corp Certification, a significant milestone in its ongoing journey to promote social and environmental responsibility. 

The B Corp Certification is a testament to Planted's unwavering dedication to creating a positive impact on both people and the planet. As a Certified B Corp, Planted joins a global community of businesses that meet high standards of performance, transparency, and accountability, balancing profit with purpose. 

“At Planted, we believe in the power of change. We want to radically change the way meat is perceived, produced and consumed and inspire a shift from eating animal to eating plant proteins, enabling meat eaters to make a sustainable, healthy and tasty everyday choice. We are in the business of making a positive impact on the world” said Christoph Jenny, Co-founder and Member of the Executive Board at Planted. “Our growth is driven by a hunger to create a sustainable, healthy, and compassionate future for all – consumers, planet and animals. We are more than a delicious product; we are a mindset. Sustainability, health, and animal welfare are at the core of our identity. We never compromise on quality and our only natural ingredients, ensuring trust with our consumers as well as partners through our commitment to excellence. Becoming a Certified B Corp is the perfect way to hold ourselves accountable to this standard.”   

Planted's certification comes because of its exceptional dedication to sustainability, achieving a remarkable score of over 90 points, including the recognition that our business model achieves significant resources conservation.  

Planted's journey as a Certified B Corp is just beginning. The company has an array of exciting initiatives in the pipeline that will further enhance its positive impact on the world.  

Planted’s latest sustainability report can be accessed here.

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