12 Apr 2022

Planted publishes first sustainability report

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Kemptthal, 12 April2022 - Just three years after its founding, Swiss foodtech start-up Planted, known for its meat alternatives, today published its first sustainability report. The report details the company's sustainability achievements, progress and plans from 2021. Planted is the fastest growing European start-up in the alternative protein space.

In 2019, Planted realised that its chicken alternative would turn the way meat is perceived on its head. Starting as a start-up selling its products from a laboratory at ETH Zurich, the founders quickly understood that many people love the taste of meat, but no longer at any price. Consumers: inside, they are increasingly paying attention to taste, naturalness, environmental compatibility and health when eating. Thanks to the development of products with a perfect bite and high protein content, containing only natural ingredients, it has never been easier to replace meat with a plant-based alternative. Planted aims to offer products that are better than animal meat and are produced without the negative environmental impact associated with animal farming.

Planted 's Sustainability Report 2021 is the company's first attempt to document and communicate its sustainable journey - from its beginnings, to what has been achieved so far, to where the founders' vision is still heading. Planted is an innovation-driven company that uses scientific progress to quickly develop biostructured products, because the company is convinced that in the future they will beat animal meat in terms of taste, sustainability, health, efficiency and price. For this reason, Planted considers all these aspects to be guiding principles on the way to greater sustainability - because no sustainable change in the food system can take place without taking them into account.

The Sustainability Report 2021 highlights Planted 's activities in the following areas, among others: Packaging solutions, circular resource management and operational measures to reduce the overall environmental footprint. Planted focuses on improving resource efficiency and better understanding the footprint of its products. With the in-depth analysis of four different products, the company has already taken a decisive step towards measuring and monitoring its impact. The product portfolio of Planted shows a huge savings potential compared to animal products: 74 to 85 per cent less CO2 equivalents are produced and up to 63 per cent water is saved.

Planted wants to do even better and has set out measures to measure and manage its impact on the environment. These include reducing plastic consumption, investing in the circular economy, switching to 100 per cent renewable energy sources, improving responsible sourcing management and reaching more people with Planted products.

Policymakers also have an important role to play in creating the right framework conditions to make the transition to a sustainable food system a reality. Planted works with industry partners to drive the issue of sustainable alternative protein sources up the political agenda and is one of the founding partners of the SPA | SwissProtein Association


Sustainability Report2021

The full report is available in English on the Planted website:

Better than chicken: planted.chicken (eatplanted.com)

Further information

For more information about the company, the products and photos, please contact press@eatplanted.com.

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