24 May 2023

Planted publishes its second sustainability report

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Pioneering a Sustainable Future in Plant-Based Protein 


Kemptthal, Switzerland, 24th May 2023- Planted, leading Swiss foodtech innovator in plant-based protein, is proud to announce the publication of its highly anticipated second sustainability report. This report showcases the company's commitment to revolutionizing the perception of meat through the promotion of plant-based proteins and its relentless pursuit of sustainability, taste, and health. 

Planted's primary goal is to inspire a paradigm shift from animal- to plant-based proteins by offering plant-based meat products that set a new standard in taste, with only natural ingredients, no additives and a juicy, meaty texture. By doing so, Planted aims to empower individuals to make sustainable, healthy, and delectable every day protein choices. 

The second sustainability report serves as a comprehensive overview of Planted's remarkable achievements thus far and provides an insightful outlook on the future direction of the company. The report highlights Planted's steadfast commitment to prioritizing taste, environmental responsibility, pricing, and health to effect a sustainable transformation in the food system. 


Key highlights from Planted's second sustainability report include: 


Climate Innovation: 

  • Recipient of the prestigious Green Business Award Switzerland 
  • Product carbon and water footprint labels on packaging, revealing up to 87% less CO2-eq emissions and 90% less water usage compared to animal-based counterparts 
  • Pioneering its first Corporate Carbon footprint according to the GHG protocol, encompassing all scopes 


  • Strengthening local sourcing through extensive testing of all-Swiss pea protein 
  • No ingredients originating from rainforest regions 
  • A firm commitment to not using palm oil or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) 


  • Main production facility powered by 100% renewable energy sources 
  • Achieved an impressive 100% recycling rate for cardboard with zero landfill waste 
  • Demonstrating circularity in action by upcycling by-products of the sunflower oil industry 
  • Implementing environmentally-friendly delivery methods for webshop deliveries, including the use of electric cars or emission compensation for the DACH region 


  • Implementation of 80% recycled PET in Swiss retail packaging, resulting in a substantial 66% reduction in CO2-eq emissions 
  • Use of responsibly sourced materials, such as FSC-certified cardboard and wood skewers 
  • Adoption of 100% recyclable webshop packaging and reusable cool pads 

Team & Community: 

  • A diverse team of 246 Planted employees representing 28 nations, fostering a multicultural and inclusive work environment 
  • Demonstrating gender equality with 43% women in leadership positions 
  • Boasting an impressive Employee Net Promoter Score of 8.3 out of 10, indicating high employee satisfaction and recommendation as an employer 
  • Welcoming over 2500 visitors to Planted's transparent glass-house production facility in Switzerland, promoting transparency and engagement with the community 

Planted firmly believes in the fusion of sustainability and exceptional taste. The second sustainability report demonstrates the company's unwavering dedication to its vision of transforming the food landscape into a sustainable one. Planted invites all stakeholders to join forces in creating a more sustainable future through the power of plant-based protein. 


Full sustainability report available here

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