30 Jan 2023

We don’t chicken out!

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We knew that achieving the needed change in our food system would be an adventurous one – and as you have probably already heard – we have just been handed another obstacle to overcome.

Last December, the Zurich Administrative Court in Switzerland ruled that we are not deceiving consumers and we may continue to label our meats with animal names such as “planted.chicken”. Unfortunately, our celebration did not last long as we now have to re-defend our case as the Federal Department of Home Affairs appealed this decision and decided to bring it to the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland. Talk about a rollercoaster!

This comes, after the EU already gave the green light in October 2020 in favour of plant-based products, allowing us to use meat-terminology on our packaging. We trust that our Swiss government is still committed to its agenda on sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship and follows the decision of the EU, allowing Swiss consumers to take informed decisions like our fellow EU-citizen friends. All this energy and effort should be put into fostering change for a better, healthier and more sustainable food system, rather than into preserving the status-quo at all costs.

Throughout the last days, we have been overwhelmed by positive and heart-warming messages from you - our dear community – asking how you can help in making things right. This inspired us to start a challenge #wedontchickenout:


  1. Take a photo of other products that use animal terminologies that are not in the product (e.g. Hot Dogs), and share it in your story on Instagram. Tag us with @eatplanted and use the hashtag #wedontchickenout. 


  2. Send us an email with your example to wedontchickenout@eatplanted.com 

We will collect all the posts and share them with the community and the Swiss Federal Court. That’s it for now – but rest assured we are only getting started. #wedontchickenout

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