Ready for something unreal?

Welcome to the unreal world.

Unreal, a culinary paradox in its own category: the "planted.steak". It is a contradiction in terms, authentic in texture, rich in umami, but purely plant-based. A steak for carnivores and herbivores alike. It opens the door to things that seem unreal. Until they are not. A steak that can't be. And yet, here it is.

Are you ready for something unreal?

Thanks to our state-of-the-art fermentation process, the planted.steak is juicy, tender and has an unmistakable umami flavour.

True to our philosophy, it is made exclusively from natural ingredients such as soya protein, bean and rice flour and rapeseed oil - once again setting a new standard in the plant-based meat product category.

Significantly better than meat
97% less CO2e, 81% less water*

The planted.steak is not only a culinary innovation, but also a scalable, sustainable solution to the environmental challenges posed by traditional meat production, especially beef production.

The production of planted.steak requires 97% less CO2e emissions per product weight compared to its animal counterpart.

"The planted steak has a great structure and texture, its bite is exceptional and, together with its pithy flavour, it is simply the best ingredient for a vegan main course for us! It makes our guests go into raptures and creates enthusiasm. The team in the kitchen and I really enjoy cooking with it"

Tim Raue, Michelin Star Chef
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